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The cost of a puppy from any of our litters will be $1,500. $500 is due to reserve your pick of the litter. At the date of pickup or at six weeks, you will owe the remaining balance of $1,000.

Breeding Rights:

Our puppies are sold with AKC limited registration.  We specifically reserve the breeding rights to each puppy sold from our kennel and they are only sold with the agreement that they will not be bred. 



A $500 deposit will hold your place in the picking order. The date we receive your deposit determines your placement and this holds your puppy until it is weaned and ready to be picked up or shipped. This deposit is non-refundable. The remaining balance of the puppy’s purchase price is due upon picking up your puppy or when the puppy is six weeks of age if you are unable to pick the puppy up at that time, or if the puppy is being shipped. We do not recommend that you put a deposit down for a puppy until you speak to us regarding the current availability.  We are limited in our ability to update our website to immediately show the availability of our puppies.  Either call us or email us to inquire on the current availability before sending a deposit.


Payment Methods: 

Check - on date of pickup

Cash - on date of pickup


Shipping Costs:

The method of shipping a puppy has been dramatically limited due to the Covid pandemic.  We currently are only allowing puppies to be fly in cabin.  Please contact us to discuss the process of shipping if you are not able to come to our kennel to pick up your puppy.

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